Article 4: The society has 4 types of memberships.
    a) Founding members: They are the members, who have founded the society and whose names are listed in Article 3.
    b) Original members: Being a citizen of Republic of Turkey and having no drawback for society membership, physicians within the last 6 months of education of specialization are elected for original membership by resolution of board of directors in accordance with the regulations of medical specialization of the Ministry of Health.
    c) Voluntary members: They are elected among people who adopt the goal of the society and contribute tangibly and morally to the activities. They cannot be elected to society agencies, use votes and become original members. They do not have to pay contributions.
    d) Honorary members: They are the people who tangibly contribute to the society or assisting the society to achieve its goals by their work and continuously working in administration and board of supervisors for ten years. Honorary membership is awarded by the proposal of board of directors and resolution of general council.
Founding and original members are obliged to pay contributions and have the right to vote and be voted.