• To care about and follow the scientific advances in technical and social fields of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

  • To represent and support the members' scientific and administrative activities in international scientific platforms

  • To protect and promote the official rights of the health professionals and to contribute to the development of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in the country

  • To be the pre-eminent scientific and educational international society for practitioners in the fields of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

  • To promote distribution of the new information to medical doctors and other health professionals, and to encourage the related activites which contribute to the art of physical-rehabilitation medicine and public health

  • To improve the knowledge, skills and attitudes of physicians in the understanding of the pathodynamics and management of impairments and disabilities

  • To help to improve the quality of life of people with impairments and disabilities

  • To provide a mechanism to facilitate physical and rehabilitation medicine input to International Health Organizations

  • To influence rehabilitation policies and activities of international organizations interested in the analysis of functional capacity and improvement of the individual quality of life

  • To help national professional organizations to influence, national and local governments on issues related to the field of physical and rehabilitation medicine

  • To develop appropriate models for physician training and, therefore, involvement and participation in the physical and rehabilitation medicine process ensuring that their level of training is optimal for the required community needs

  • To provide means to facilitate research activities and communication at the international level

  • To provide a mechanism to facilitate international exchange regarding different aspects of rehabilitation including disseminating information regarding rehabilitation-related meetings